Ekseption White-Up Sorbet

Ekseption White-Up Sorbet


white-up sorbet

Nourishing and moisturising cream to improve the skin texture, maintain a healthy skin pH and reduce the signs of photo ageing. White-up sorbet
contains a synergy of anti-pigmentation peptide, tranexamic acid and lactobionic acid. The formula is nourishing, moisturising and provides an
extreme skin comfort. The product is highly effective in promoting a continuous skin renewal. It must be combined with the all-day shield to
protect the skin from UV damages.



  • Enlighten the skin tone
  • Reduce pigmentation and brown spots
  • Reduce melasma
  • Even the skin tone
  • Maintain optimal skin pH gradient
  • Activate exfoliating enzymes
  • Improve the skin texture and softness
  • Nourish and moisturise


Skin Types:

  • Normal
  • Dry
  • Sensitive
  • Mature
  • Combination
  • Oily


Activate Ingredients:

  • Tranexamic acid
  • Lactobionic acid
  • Whitening peptide
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