Ekseption Glaciar Repair

Ekseption Glaciar Repair


glaciar repair

Repair creams promote healthy skin proliferation and cellular differentiation. The repair process is an essential phase after chemical peelings and
it is of primary importance to use the right product. The skin structure must be restored and the processes of differentiation, proliferation, and
intercellular communication regulated. The post-peeling creams must be rich in soothing active ingredients and nutrients. Repair creams used
alone, are very effective treatments for skin soothing and nutrition. The repair creams are applied at night with an ekseption sunscreen in the



  • Repair and control the new renewal after peelings
  • Restore mineral balance of oily and mixed skin types
  • Improve the skin firmness
  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Soothe the skin and reduce redness


Skin Types:

  • Normal
  • Combination
  • Oily
  • Acneic


Active Ingredients:

  • Glacier water from Mont Blanc
  • Multi-mineral complex with Zinc, Magnesium, copper
    and calcium
  • Alpha-bisabolol
  • Neodermyl
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