About Us


Established in 2010, Aplenty Beauty Line is a professional beauty center accredited by SLDN Malaysia.

Our beauticians have rich experience in facial treatments, herballogy body care treatments and waxing services. Which help you to heal your skin and toned your body from the inside out.

And now, we are also having the “Five Elements Detox Massage” body treatment program and the “Intensive Facial Treatment” beauty program. Even if you are a complete beginner, we guarantee that you could master the techniques in a short period of time! Not only to become prettier and healthier, most importantly, you could also earn the extra income as a freelance beautician by learning our program!

We hope to bring you a comfortable and satisfying service, and sharing the beauty knowledge to all of you, to gain health, confidence and beauty together!

Why Us

What are service emphasizes is, when you come to us, you are as free as you are at home, absolutely relaxed!

About The Ingredients

Our facial products are derived from natural plant extracts ad do not contain any animal ingredients

Our Treatment

Whether it is body massage or skin care session, we start from our heart, stand in your role and experience your feelings. So we first use our own products and instruments to ensure zero risk

Our Package

Combining everything with you as the starting point, giving you convenience and all benefits, makes the win-win-situation to both you and us

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